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What To Know Before You Go: Tips For Avoiding Lost Luggage

What To Know Before You Go: Tips For Avoiding Lost Luggage

Tip 1: Place an Apple AirTag in your luggage.

The Apple AirTag is an easy-to-use tracking device that connects to your iPhone. Place one in your checked suitcase to help both you and the airline locate your luggage in the event it goes missing.

Tip 2: Keep important medication in your carry-on bag.

If it’s important and you need it daily, keep it with you.

Tip 3: Pack 2 days of clothing in your carry-on.

If your bags go missing, you’re not going to want to be in your plane clothes for the next several days. Have an insurance plan by carrying a backup outfit with you. ↓

Tip 4: Photograph the expensive items you packed in checked luggage.

Having proof of valuable items that have gone missing can help expedite the reimbursement process.

Tip 5: Take photos of important documents.

Wifi can be spotty while traveling. Make sure you have photos of your passport, hotel information, trip itinerary, and anything else you may have to pull up on your phone if you need your lost luggage delivered to you.

Tip 6: Keep your contact information on AND in your checked luggage.

In the event your luggage tag falls off the outside of your suitcase, it’s important to have your contact info on the inside as well.

Enjoy your trip! •