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For the Restless
Los Angeles00:00 PST
Camp site with white Defender, small campfire and man in the distance taking a photograph

On Location In Iceland

As things heat up (and up) here in Los Angeles, we find ourselves day dreaming of frostier times last fall, when we packed up the AETHER team, and our best snow gear, to explore the magical terrain of Iceland.

Just 23.70° below the Arctic Circle, Iceland is simmering with the allure of ethereal vistas, majestic landscapes, and the siren song of true adventure. This is the country where untamed beauty meets a rugged frontier that never fails to captivate and inspire.

Empty road in Iceland with small sign for Gígjökull

We trekked through lush, expansive meadows and moss-covered canyons to test and photograph our Fall collection amidst this remarkable terrain. Seemingly untouched by time, the snow-capped mountains framed the horizon, while swaths of black lava sand added to Iceland’s enigmatic charm. This picturesque yet treacherous topography was the ideal backdrop for our collection, designed for outdoor adventures and reveling in all the elements this mystical land offers.

Luggage bags and shoes on ground in Iceland
Two men in Iceland landscape alongside white Defender changing the tire
Woman climbing on back of Defender truck in Iceland landscape
Woman walking in open Iceland landscape with glacier in background
Jacket hanging on exterior mirror of Defender in Iceland landscape
Woman next to open rear door of white Defender truck in Iceland landscape
Man lounging on grass next to small campfire in Iceland landscape
Woman walking in middle of purple lavender field in Iceland landscape
Man on side of Defender truck picking up luggage from roof in Iceland landscape
White Defender driving down right dirt road after a fork in the road
Woman standing next to old cottage with goats nearby in Iceland landscape
Man walking away on hill in Iceland landscape
River in Iceland running through rocky landscape
Local Iceland sign indicating direction of "Waterfall"
Woman walking across small creek in Iceland landscape
White Defender truck driving across low river in rocky Iceland terrain
Woman climbing up back of white Defender truck to get luggage from the roof
Misty landscape in Iceland next to mountains and river
Man walking with raincoat next to river in Iceland
Man walking towards massive waterfall in Iceland
Black and white photo of woman in rain coat near Iceland waterfall
Waterfall in Iceland
Portrait of man in wet rain coat in front of Iceland waterfall
Man walking on dark rocky terrain next to glacier in Iceland
Iceland landscape of glacier's edge with mountains in the background
Two men walking across small river in Iceland
Man ice climbing
Man with hiking and ice climbing gear in hand
Landscape of 10 people crossing glacier in Iceland
Closeup of people's boots in boat
Black and white photo of glacier in Iceland waters
Closeup of woman with hand to head to shade the sun looking at glaciers in Iceland
Man and woman in boat looking at glaciers in Iceland
Blue glacier landscape in Iceland
Man throwing luggage from top of white Defender to man below in Iceland landscape
POV from inside truck of woman outside smiling with her hair blowing in the wind
Closeup through windshield of man wearing a watch with his hand on the steering wheel
Small white Defender in the distance of black rocky terrain in front of glacier in Iceland

We're already looking forward to pulling it back out when winter comes around again and we can head to the mountains closer to home. Until then, we'll keep our memories of Iceland close and our restless urge to go back simmering, especially when we're sweltering.

Group photo of two men and one woman on the back of a white Defender in Iceland landscape