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For the Restless
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Profile of man wearing AETHER + Mackintosh Field Anorak next to waterfall in Iceland

AETHER + Mackintosh: Merging Craftsmanship and Performance

Redefining Function

At AETHER, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional adventure wear in new directions. We constantly integrate exciting, cutting-edge technologies into our apparel to deliver upon that commitment. We take pride in creating outdoor wear to support and equip you in your adventurous lifestyle, crafting pieces at the junction of form and function—made to stand up to the test of time and designed to conquer rugged terrain.

This season, we are proud to collaborate with one of the world's most influential coat makers, Mackintosh. Our partnership with Mackintosh seamlessly blended our mutual passions of building the most refined and durable outerwear. Here's to making timeless, quality jackets that will last a lifetime.

A Legacy of Innovation

London, a scion of heritage, is a city steeped in tradition and known for its gray skies and rain-slicked streets. It only makes sense, then, that in 1824, out of the fog and mist, inventor and chemist Charles Macintosh conceived his groundbreaking invention — waterproof rubberized cotton. With this innovative fabric technology as the cornerstone of their designs, Charles began to produce inimitable outerwear and build the Mackintosh brand. Today Mackintosh is a household name renowned for its impeccable and classic craftsmanship. Mackintosh has perfected its art for over two centuries and continuously utilizes new techniques with enduring styles. Even 200 years later, they continue to set trends rather than follow them.

AETHER worked closely with Mackintosh to conceptualize two adventure-ready jackets that merge British finesse with AETHER's function-forward aesthetic. Meet the AETHER + Mackintosh Field Anorak and Parka.

Hand pressing tool on water resistant tape
Mackintosh building
Stop-motion video of AETHER + Mackintosh Field Anorak hanging from cord

Engineered for Exploration

Handmade by skilled artisans in the UK, the limited-edition Field Anorak and Parka embody the mastery of Mackintosh's ethos and AETHER's innovative spirit. Both pieces feature waterproof, bonded cotton and strategically placed ventilation—offering unparalleled protection against the elements. Hand-finished, fully taped seams, shaped hood brims and hems, tactically placed pockets, and removable linings ensure you remain warm and dry, whether navigating urban downpours or tackling mountain gusts. This AETHER + Mackintosh collection prepares you for whatever challenges the next bend in the road brings.

Man wearing AETHER + Mackintosh Field Parka leaning against white Defender with others in passenger seats

Minimalism Meets Precision

AETHER's signature minimalism takes center stage, with a keen eye and attention toward rugged protection, blending perfectly with Mackintosh's meticulous artistry. We made sure the AETHER + Mackintosh Field Parka and Anorak incorporate every essential feature you need to keep you dry and comfortable and none of the ones you don't, keeping the silhouettes clean, streamlined, and practical. This is outerwear tailored for individuals who prioritize style without compromise.

Stop-motion video of AETHER + Mackintosh Field Parka swinging from cord
The Field Parka and Anorak ensure you remain warm and dry, whether navigating urban downpours or tackling mountain gusts.
Profile of man wearing AETHER + Mackintosh Field Parka holding camera and taking a picture

Quality Over Quantity

Synonymous with luxury, Mackintosh has prided itself in continuing to make coats that are meticulously constructed by masters, keeping their unwavering vision of traditional techniques alive. The hand-cut patterns are individually glued and taped with a unique process devoid of machinery, using fingers instead, and embracing the workmanship of these true artisans. The seams are then joined and sewn by hand—ensuring each coat is durable, waterproof, and wind-resistant.

Closeup of man wearing AETHER + Mackintosh Field Anorak next to waterfall in Iceland
Man wearing AETHER + Mackintosh Field Parka next to waterfall in Iceland

This thorough, time-honored production process yields a limited number of pieces each season, and the AETHER + Mackintosh Field Anorak and Parkas are no exception. This small-run collection guarantees each parka and anorak meets only the highest quality and standards. Amidst a sea of fleeting trends and disposable clothes, these painstakingly engineered jackets stand above and beyond the rest.
Undoubtedly, these coats will become cherished heirlooms for you to pass down through generations.

The AETHER x Mackintosh fusion is more than just a collaboration; it is a harmony of aligned philosophies. With its timeless elegance and modern resilience, this union transcends mere fashion, epitomizing what it means to make things that last.