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For the Restless
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Travel Spotlight: Smith Cabin Aspen

Recently, we headed to the Colorado backcountry to wear-test some of our gear while shooting photos of the seemingly endless powder this winter has showered on the Rockies. We chose Smith Cabin as our destination, a beautiful cabin on the backside of Aspen Mountain that was built by two brothers, Colter and Bridger Smith, who were born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley. Some of us skinned the few miles to the cabin and others snowmobiled their way in, and then the next few days were spent hiking and skiing from the cabin. The weekend was full of unrelenting snow and wind, which resulted in countless fresh tracks and trekking through untouched powder, as well as savored moments warming up by the fire. The weather prevented us from seeing the stunning views of the Castle Creek Valley from the cabin, but the trip proved a powder-filled success.

Below, check out a few photos from our trip by Sinuhe Xavier.