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Aurora bubble sled

Travel Spotlight: Aurora Bubble Sled

Travel Spotlight: Aurora Bubble Sled

There are many ways—although not many places—in which to witness the spectacular natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. If your travel plans include Finland and you're in the market for something more unique than the typical guide-book experience, look no further than the Aurora Bubble Sled.

Launched in December by UK-based adventure-travel agency Off the Map Travel, the Bubble Sled is based out of the village of Kilpisjarvi and towed by a snowmobile, allowing participants to witness the aurora borealis at different locations. You and a guest board the sled and get driven into the wilderness to experience the light show in a heated enclosed space with large windows in the rear and on the ceiling.

The guide then provides you with information about the Northern Lights and folklore about the area, as well as coffee, hot chocolate, and other goodies. The adventure can range from several hours to all night should you be so adventurous. If you go the overnight route, the guide leaves you with everything you need for the night and heads back to the company's basecamp, allowing you to take in the aurora borealis from your own isolated mountain paradise. Guests are equipped with a local cellphone in case of emergency, a portable heater, battery packs, sleeping bags, and food for breakfast—there's even a bathroom nearby. Think of it as elevated winter camping, with a stunning natural light show to boot.

The Aurora Bubble Sled is available for booking from now through March, while the snow is deepest and the nights longest for visitors to get the optimal Northern Lights experience. Below, check out some photos of the Aurora Bubble Sled courtesy of Off the Map Travel.