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The Gardner Library Bridge Housing Facility

The Gardner Library Bridge Housing Facility

The Los Angeles homeless problem is one of the most pressing issues the city faces. This year, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles rose to almost 60,000. While the City of Los Angeles is working to open more shelters and bridge-housing facilities, the problem continues to increase. We at AETHER Apparel wanted to find a way to help. With that in mind, we reached out to the City of Los Angeles, and they suggested a project that resonated with us: The Gardner Library Bridge Housing Facility in Hollywood, an area that has a high population of homeless women and is located just a few blocks from our headquarters. The facility is currently under construction with an opening slated for mid 2019. We've created a GoFundMe page to help with fundraising for this project. Or, if you're in LA, stop by AETHERla to drop off books and unused makeup. If you're not in LA, you can still help by visiting the Amazon wish list we've created featuring some of the necessities the women need to transition back into the workplace. Any little bit helps. Learn more about what your donation will be used for below. ↓

This Gardner Library housing facility (named for the historic library in which it is being built) will serve as a home for 30 women at a time for up to two years. This 4,000-square-foot facility will be a place where these women can get back on their feet with the help of case managers and healthcare professionals.

The previously abandoned building was originally constructed in 1958 by architects Honnold and Rex. The rebuild will include new amenities such as showers, a dining area, laundry services, offices, and communal areas. The entry courtyard is surrounded by greenery and allows the women a secure and quiet outdoor space to spend time. Given the historic nature of the building, each design decision is being thoughtfully considered to preserve and enhance the building’s Midcentury Modern architecture. To wit, the library’s original circulation desk and some of the bookshelves are being restored and incorporated into the shelter. ↓

The mood board for the design of the shelter.

We at AETHER have set out to raise $25,000 to help furnish the facility and outfit it with amenities the women may need as they transition back into the workforce—from computers to toiletries to clothing. As a company, we will match the amount raised. In partnership with city architects, AETHER will also assist with the design process of the interior, working to make the space feel both comfortable and homey before its opening.

With the help of friends and the Los Angeles community, we hope we can make The Gardner Library Bridge Housing Facility a comforting place for women on the path to changing their lives.

How the AETHER team will be involved:

  • Setting up (moving furniture, painting, etc.) during the installation process.
  • Obtaining Brand partners
  • Setting up (moving furniture, painting, etc.) during the installation process.
  • Obtaining Brand partners
  • Implement various fund-raising ideas to reach our goal.
  • Create blankets with our excess fabric for each woman to keep.
  • Donate framed imagery for wall decor.

If you’d like to get involved, head over to our GoFundMe page. Every little bit makes a difference. We appreciate your support and will continue to provide updates on the shelter’s progress.

Go to the GoFundMe page.

The library’s original circulation desk is being restored and incorporated into the shelter.