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For the Restless
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two people on bridge in front of Patagonia mountain view

Spirit Of Adventure: Spring 2024

Our newest collection was designed from the beginning to deliver purpose built functionality, be quietly technical, and to inspire you to get out there and indulge in a little adventure this season. To make sure it did all that, and more, we took our Spring 2024 Collection to Patagonia to put it through its paces.

Man in orange Storm Jacket sitting on wood steps looking at open field in Patagonia, Chile

Storm All-Weather Jacket

The Storm has been a customer favorite for years, so we knew we had to pack one in our brand new Midas Orange colorway. Also, we knew that the weather was notoriously fickle and that we'd be going everywhere from a waterfall off the Salto El Tronador path to a glacier in the Tranquilo Valley. Thanks to its featherweight and waterproof three-layer membrane fabric, not only did it not weigh our day packs down, it allowed us to get up close to that waterfall—and not get soaked.

Man laughing and walking across log over river in Patagonia, Chile
Mountainscape and clouds in Patagonia, Chile
Man in Storm Jacket casting fishing line in Patagonia river

Woman in Terrain Fleece Anorak walking on rocky shore alongside icy lake in Patagonia

Terrain Fleece Anorak

A fleece jacket is a travel staple, but for the new women's Terrain we took it two steps further. First, it's made from 100% recycled fleece, a responsible choice that's also built to last. Second, we cut in a relaxed fit anorak style for incredibly comfortable, all-day wear. That includes chilly Patagonia nights waiting for your wood-fired pizza to come out of the al fresco oven.

Woman leaning on shoulder of man standing in front of icy lake in Patagonia
Woman standing on edge of icy lake in Patagonia
Woman in Terrain Fleece Anorak in helicopter looking out the window overlooking Patagonia, Chile

Man walking on rocky shore alongside Patagonia river with helicopter parked nearby

Baxter Jacket

Between helicopter rides and fly fishing—and helicopter rides to fly fishing—we needed a lightweight jacket that we could layer under or wear on its own. The Baxter was the perfect choice, plus, we think it's one of the coolest pieces this season, thanks to its hand-dyed, line-dried stretch ripstop fabric that we discovered in Japan.

Man fishing in Patagonia river
Black and white photo of helicopter near icy mountain range
Man knee-high in river fishing in Patagonia

Woman in profile in front of field of three men riding horses in Patagonia, Chile

Eloise Travel Jacket

We love to travel in comfort... but that doesn't mean wearing our pajamas on the plane. Instead, we created the Eloise Travel Jacket, made from a soft, recycled stretch fabric that resists wrinkling. We were thankful for that during the 15 hour flight to Chile, and for its sophisticated looks when we landed.

Down the hallway view of woman sitting near lodge bed
Woman running in field with Patagonia mountains in the background
Woman feeding hay to horse in field in Patagonia, Chile