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Product Spotlight: Boosted Boards

Product Spotlight: Boosted Boards

Introducing a skateboard that goes more than 20 mph. Seriously. Boosted Boards—sold in AETHER stores—are the world's most advanced electronic skateboards. They don't skimp on speed or style: Featuring a deck made out of bamboo and fiberglass along with Orangatang premium race urethane wheels, this board is not for the weak of heart.

The 2,000-watt board (the most powerful of the three options available) goes up to 22 miles per hour and is operated by a handheld remote control to regulate the power and brakes. It can travel up to six miles on a full charge, meaning you can go for a long joy ride or even make it your method of commuting. No need to worry if the battery runs out, it can also be ridden like a normal longboard. Looks like we just found a new toy to play with this Labor Day weekend.

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