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Master and Dynamic headphones

Product Focus: Master & Dynamic

Product Focus: Master & Dynamic

Here at AETHER, we are all about curating the newest and coolest gadgets to sell in our stores alongside our own collection of clothing and accessories. Enter Master & Dynamic, a brand of headphones that does not skimp on quality materials, style, or durability. We caught up with the company’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Levine, to find out a little about the inspiration behind the brand and what makes his headphones stand out from the crowd.

AETHER: Have you always been passionate about music?

Jonathan Levine: Yes, music makes me happy, and I’ve always enjoyed its ability to mark certain moments in my life. Some songs remind me of the long drives home I took as a college student or the music my sons listened to at different ages. I’m proud to have created a product that helps others do the same.

AETHER: What was the inspiration behind starting a headphones company in a market so saturated?

JL: My oldest son has been DJing and producing music since he was 13, and I always had a music studio in my office that he used. A few years ago, the two of us were at a museum when I stumbled upon a pair of 1940s headphones that had withstood the test of time. I was inspired to build high-quality headphones that could also stand the test of time.

AETHER: What would you say sets Master & Dynamic apart from others in the market?

JL: Our headphones look as good as they sound. Everything is considered. We use high-quality materials like premium grain leathers, forged aluminum, stainless steel and high-end neodymium drivers. In addition to the aesthetic of using these materials—instead of cheaper materials like plastic—metal also improves the sound quality of our headphones; they’re the perfect intersection of form and function.

AETHER: What was the last song you listened to on your headphones?

JL: I’ve recently been hooked on Leon Bridges’ new album Coming Home. I’m proud to say that Leon is a fan of Master & Dynamic.

AETHER: What is your personal favorite headphone style that you make?

JL: I use Master & Dynamic’s signature MH40 Over Ear Headphones for day-to-day use, and I absolutely love them on airplanes.