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Photo Essay - Moto Ride Through Utah

Photo Essay - Moto Ride Through Utah

There may be no better way to usher in the summer with a long motorcycle ride, nothing but twisties, wind and the open road for days on end. With that in mind, our founders recently gathered a group of friends to venture across Utah, retreating to a mix of scenic campsites and hotels each night on their week-long adventure. Starting early one Sunday morning, the group headed from Los Angeles to Zion via St. George, staying at the glamping destination Under Canvas on their first night. The luxurious tents, beautiful views, and delicious food got the trip off to a great start and made the group excited for the days to come. ↓

Under Canvas in Zion, Utah

Roadside pitspot along Route 12, outside of Boulder, Utah

The next morning, the group of six BMW 1200 GS riders made their way to Boulder, Utah, where they camped (this time in their own tents) at a secluded site several miles from the road. The off-the-beaten-path location rewarded them with stunning views of the surrounding canyons. ↓

En route to Monument Valley

Heat caused the group to change course, choosing to head south and stay in the high plains. They crossed Lake Powell via a ferry and ended up in a hotel near Monument Valley. Determined to see the sun rise from the iconic Western location, the crew got up at 5:30 a.m. the following day, riding the 10 miles to Monument Valley to witness the sun lift its way into the sky among epic scenery. ↓

Monument Valley

After making their way back to the hotel to get some food fuel for the next leg, they journeyed some seven hours to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. One of the members of the group knew of a secret campsite, 40 miles down a dirt road. Traversing their way through an Indian reservation, several gates, and countless off-road obstacles, they were rewarded by a stunning, remote area that made the incredibly long day well worth it (as did the wild horses that surrounded the campsite). ↓

The view from the campsite at the south rim of the Grand Canyon

The group’s support vehicle

The next day, the crew made their way the 40 miles back to the road to ride to Mojave down Route 66. Wild winds made the trek both dangerous and exhausting. After another night camping in Mojave, the intrepid travelers rode home to Los Angeles through fog and wind, both road-weary after some 2,000 miles traveled and blissful at the adventure had and memories made. •

Dinner by the campfire