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For the Restless
Los Angeles00:00 PST


This past weekend, we hosted our Third Annual Central Coast Rally, drawing a great group to the overnight event. Groups took off from our two California outposts—AETHERla and AETHERsf—to take scenic routes to the site. For those who took Highway 33 from Los Angeles, we had an AETHER x Drive Coffee pitstop with an incredible view and free nitro-brewed coffee as well as an AETHER custom blend (featuring the AETHERstream on the canister). Motorcycles and cars arrived at Pianetta Winery in Paso Robles for an evening of games, wine tasting, barbecue, and camping. Upon arrival, some 250 miles from where the groups started, everyone set up camp before tasting the vineyard’s varietals, enjoying dinner, and, once the sun had set, gathering around the campfire for s'mores. Thanks to all who joined us, and hope to see you again next year. Here, some photos from the event.