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For the Restless


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Studio closeup of AETHER + Bamford GMT watch with seconds hand rotating
Studio closeup of AETHER + Bamford GMT watch with seconds hand rotating

Our Premier Watch In Collaboration With Bamford London

As we all have phones in our pockets to tell the time these days, the once-ubiquitous watch has transcended its primary function to become a symbol of sophistication, style and class.

While the era when every person wore a wristwatch is sadly behind us, the confident statement that a beautiful, artisan timepiece makes has only enhanced as they’ve become rarer.

At AETHER, we pride ourselves on making products at the nexus of form and function that are made to protect you in style regardless of the conditions. We’re very proud to continue this legacy with our limited edition collaboration with Bamford London, the celebrated British watchmaker.

Closeup of man sitting in truck with AETHER + Bamford GMT watch showing

Since the brand’s earliest days, Bamford’s motto has been: “If you can imagine it, we can create it for you.” AETHER imagined a sophisticated yet highly functional timepiece that can withstand the kind of elements that our jackets and technical apparel are built for. Characterized by our signature minimalist style, this watch is designed to exude class and subtle panache without being flashy or ostentatious.

This collaboration represents the shared values and philosophy of both brands, emphasizing the importance of living life to the fullest; the watch is built to accompany you on outdoor adventures into unforgiving weather.

Portrait of man standing in front of Iceland landscape
AETHER + Bamford GMT watch sitting on top of icy glacier

The AETHER + Bamford GMT is wind-resistant and water-resistant up to 100 meters. The case is crafted from 316L grade stainless steel and the face is protected by an anti glare sapphire crystal glass, meaning you can quickly glance at the time whatever the conditions. It’s held to your wrist with a comfortable yet durable fabric strap that keeps the watch adventure-ready in sun, rain or snow.

The AETHER + Bamford London piece is also self-winding and powers itself as you move, delivering a 56-hour power reserve to support you through any activity. This timepiece is also a GMT watch, meaning it displays two time zones: the wearer’s current time and Greenwich Mean Time—the UK time zone, now globally known as the coordinated universal time (UTC). The GMT functionality is enabled by a 24-hour internal rotating bezel, which allows you to view the secondary time zone with an additional watch hand.

A series 20 different watch face designs
Final watch face design with topographic artwork in the background
Studio closeup of AETHER + Bamford GMT watch

The AETHER + Bamford GMT slides perfectly into our timeless collections of technical outdoor apparel made with the sartorialist in mind. The dial boasts a silver topographical map pattern, nodding to the spirit of adventure and exploration this watch was built for.

More than just a timepiece, the AETHER + Bamford London watch serves as a constant reminder to make the most of our limited time on earth. As the case back displays an engraving of AETHER’s mantra, “you only get one spin,” this special edition timepiece is a testament to the spirit of making the most of every moment. Through this collaboration, we want to continue to inspire a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the value of time well spent.

“Watches are a representation of our belief in making the most of the one life we get. Time is finite and we value a life well-lived.”
AETHER + Bamford GMT watch sitting on hood of truck in front of Iceland landscape
Man strapping down luggage to top of truck in front of Iceland landscape

In a world where people are consumed by their phones and rely on them to tell them everything including the time, a watch remains a timeless statement and an enduring balance of simplicity and complexity. A watch is not just an accessory; it's a reliable companion on life’s adventures and a symbol of refined taste.

Closeup of motorcyclist looking at AETHER + Bamford GMT watch on his wrist
Closeup of hands working on the inside of the Bamford GMT watch

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters, says co-founder Palmer West. The AETHER + Bamford London collaboration is a reminder of the value of patient craftsmanship, quality and passion.”