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On The Road With Photographer Alex Strohl

On The Road With Photographer Alex Strohl

If you’re an adventure enthusiast with an Instagram account, it’s a fairly safe bet you’ve heard of Alex Strohl. If you’re not among the one million Instagram users following him, let us fill you in: Strohl is a French photographer based between Los Angeles and Vancouver, but you wouldn’t know that from scrolling through his feed, which regularly displays snaps from remote locales—from Montana to British Columbia to Norway and every place in between. This summer Strohl ventured through Europe and Scandinavia, exploring unconventional, off-the-beaten path routes as he focused on discovering the Alps. He spent time in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Norway, getting from one place to another in a Land Rover Defender, oftentimes sleeping in a tent and all along the way wearing plenty of AETHER. Here are several photos from his epic journey.

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