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For the Restless
Los Angeles00:00 PST
man in red rock structure in Zion, Utah

On Location - Zion

For the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, we decided to head to Zion, Utah, located along the edge of the Colorado Plateau. The region—famous for its boldly beautiful red-rock scenery—is best known for the epic 229-square-mile Zion National Park.

Piling into a brand-new, 2019 Audi Q8, we drove the 400-some miles from the AETHER base in Los Angeles to our home for the week, Under Canvas Zion. The luxury-camping destination is located on 196 acres just outside the park in the middle of the red-rock desert, surrounded by unforgettable vistas at every turn. ↓

A luxury sleeping tent at Under Canvas

Tents were our accommodations for the length of our stay, each outfitted with wood-burning stoves for warmth and lanterns for light. Perfectly off the grid, Under Canvas doesn’t have WiFi or electricity in the tents, allowing its guests to truly imbed themselves in the outdoors. ↓

To shoot our collection, we ventured to Kanarra Falls, trekking through ankle-high water for miles to come upon one of Utah’s famous slot canyons. Over several days, we hiked and explored and drove around Zion, making our way down seemingly endless roads in pursuit of backdrops for our new men’s and women’s warm-weather pieces. As the days came to a close, we watched the sun set in a collage of stunning shades only found in the desert. Our final night ended with a campfire at Under Canvas, the perfect finale to adventurous days spent in one of the most picturesque corners of the country. •

The Kanarra Falls hike led to one of Utah's famous slot canyons.

“You cannot describe zion. you can only experience it.” – unknown