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Uniform of the Restless


Los Angeles00:00 PST
aerial view of body of water

On Location in Catalina

On Location in Catalina

Late last fall, we gathered some friends to join us aboard a 49-foot sailboat called the Salacia to make our way to Catalina Island, one of California’s Channel Islands, located southwest of LA. We pulled into Avalon Harbor and then ventured 16 miles to a remote spot on the backside of the island, known as Little Harbor. ↓

The beachfront campsite left us plenty of space to set up three Springbar tents, our homes for the evening. Given the late Fall timing and crisp bite in the air, we had the area all to ourselves, save for a buffalo we spotted hanging out on a hill above us. Decked in AETHER Spring/Summer pieces, we hiked around the island, dined by a campfire, and enjoyed the solitude before heading back to the city the following morning. It turns out a plane ticket nor a lot of time are necessary for a worthy adventure with friends. •

A selection of gear we brought with us to Catalina.