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For the Restless
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woman wearing athletic jacket and leggings

Making of: The Scout

Making of: The Scout

A highly breathable active soft shell, the Scout is the perfect lightweight, multipurpose cross-trainer.

Made from an incredibly light 3-layer, water-resistant fabric, the Scout is constructed using a technique called sonic welding instead of traditional sewn seams. This innovative no-stitch approach reduces the garments overall weight, improves its water resistance, and makes it incredibly comfortable to wear—especially during active use.

To help regulate body heat, the Scout is designed with a concealed back vent as well as angled front zippered pockets with mesh lining. Zipper garage at the collar prevents a cold zipper from rubbing against your neck, while elastic at the cuffs and back hem offer a secure fit while in motion.

For visibility at night, the Scout has reflective tape along the front shoulder and back-vent seams. While this tape is matte black under normal lighting, it flashes bright white when hit by headlights.

The Scout is the perfect active shell to keep you moving in stride.