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Design Spotlight: The Hutte Hut

Design Spotlight: The Hutte Hut

We're all for inspiring design here at AETHER, and that extends beyond clothes, which is why we recently pulled the Hutte Hut into our LA flagship. Produced by Sprouting Sprocket Studio in Carpinteria, California, the Hutte Hut is a modern interpretation of a teardrop trailer constructed from the finest materials. First exhibited at Dwell on Design in 2014 (where it won Best in Dwell Outdoors), the Hutte Hut is 14-feet long and made to order with marine-grade plywood, birch flooring, and a water-repellant cotton canvas canopy atop an aerospace aluminum frame. Large double doors allow you to take in the views and fresh air during the day and keep you cozy when closed at night. The 44-square-foot interior space boasts enough space to fit two adults (and even a dog) comfortably. You can order your own Hutte Hut, but be prepared to spend: They start at $63,900. Oceanfront views not included.

Photos of our Hutte Hut are below, or you can stop by AETHERla to see it for yourself.