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Design Spotlight: Kasita

The tiny-house trend is well-established and well-documented. It has spawned books, television shows, and countless internet stories about "going small." Despite this, we promise you've never heard of anything like Kasita. This Austin, Texas based micro-housing startup is shaking up the market with its 31' x 12' portable smart home. Launched last year by former professor Jeff Wilson and his team, Kasita can be customized to serve a number of needs, whether it be for a residence, an office, or a pop-up shop—and it can be installed virtually anywhere. Small enough to fit on the back of a truck, it's incredibly easy to transport. Additionally, it contains all the essentials you need for a functioning home: a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen—there is even storage space, air conditioning, and a washer/dryer. Even the appliances and electronic features (think glass windows with adjustable transparency and Amazon voice controls) are up to the latest smart-home technological standards.

Until they're produced and ready for pickup, you can reserve an individual Kasita (or multiple units to install in a group) for a $1,000 fee to hold your place in line. Once they're made, a Kasita can be yours for an additional $139,000. Check out photos of the tiny smart home here.