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man riding motorcycle on dirt road

Cause Spotlight: Riders For Health

Clearly, we at AETHER are fans of all things moto, so when we learned about Riders for Health—a charity that trains health workers to drive and service motorcycles in order to deliver health care to remote communities in Africa—we knew we had to get involved.

More than 60 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa lives in rural, hard-to-reach areas, and the roads in most of these communities are—at best—small, dirt tracks. Cars are often too large to navigate these roads, and bicycle transport between villages can be strenuous and ineffective. In the late 1980s, UK-based motorcycle enthusiasts Barry and Andrea Coleman were stunned to find out how many African people were dying as a result of not having access to the health care they needed, inspiring them to create Riders for Health.

In the nearly 25 years since its inception, Riders for Health has grown to an organization with programs in seven countries throughout Africa, improving access to health care for more than 21 million people. Riders for Health manages and maintains vehicles for its local health-focused partners throughout sub-Saharan Africa while also training health workers on how to ride safely as well as how to take care of their vehicles to keep them running efficiently.

AETHER has teamed up with British Customs and Café Racers of Instagram to raise awareness and funds for Riders for Health. A donation of $5 can buy a spark plug, $10 can fund a day’s fuel, and $100 can fund the training of a health worker to ride and maintain their bike. Additionally, British Customs and Café Racers of Instagram are building a Mad Max-themed Triumph Bonneville and giving it away in support of Riders for Health; there are also weekly sponsored giveaways, one of which is our very own Skyline Motorcycle Jacket. Donate and register to win at and learn more about Riders for Health at