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Los Angeles00:00 PST
electric cadillac vehicle

Car Spotlight: Cadillac's First Fully Electric Vehicle


Iconic American automobile manufacturer Cadillac is entering into a greener future with an all-electric car for the first time since the company's inception in 1902.

Earlier this month, the automaker announced the LYRIQ, the brand’s first fully electric vehicle. The brand new four-seat SUV will be available in late 2022, with an expected range of more than 300 miles on a full charge. It also debuts a brand-new, 33-inch LED touchscreen control center. Similar to Tesla’s autopilot capability, the LYRIQ is also equipped with a driver-assistance system, including a supervised self-parking function that uses special sensors to help drivers easily fit into a parking spot.

While pricing is not yet available to the public, it’s likely to be in the upper five figures based on expert predictions. Here, some photos of the first prototype of the new Cadillac LYRIQ.