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innovative building resembling a treehouse

Architecture Spotlight: The 7th Room

Architecture Spotlight: The 7th Room

In January, the newest addition to Sweden's renowned Treehotel opened, designed by award-winning experiential architecture firm Snøhetta. (Treehotel launched six years ago with five cabins, each designed by a different architect with the guiding principle of being simplistic, contemporary, and surrounded by unspoiled nature.) This latest structure is definitely not your childhood treehouse: The magical getaway, called The 7th Room, is 592 square feet in size and suspended 33 feet in the air, giving the rest of the hotel a run for its money.

The treehouse is cabin number seven at Treehotel (six was added in 2013), and it is the grandest one yet. This is the firm's take on a traditional Nordic cabin—but with a twist. Raised high over the forest floor in the town of Harads in northern Sweden, The 7th Room sleeps up to five and features panoramic views of the Lapland forests and the perfect vantage point for catching the Northern Lights in the winter. In the center of the U-shaped structure is a netted "terrace" suspended in the air where guests can lie face down to look at the forest floor below or face up to look at the starry sky or Northern Lights. In the warmer months you can even grab a sleep on the terrace if you so desire. In an effort to further integrate the structure into nature, Snøhetta attached an aluminum sheet with images of treetops to the bottom of the cabin, helping to camouflage the structure in the surrounding forest.

The 7th Room is accessible by stairs for guests and has a small elevator for luggage. It is also just a short walk away from Treehotel's home base, which features a restaurant, bar, sauna, and recreation area with TV and internet, so even in rural nature creature comforts are never far away. And The 7th Room is just the beginning—there are 21 total cabins planned for the future of Treehotel. Below, some photos of the 7th Room to inspire your next plane ticket.