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the big bend

Architecture Spotlight: |The Big Bend

It seems that taller and taller skyscrapers are constantly rising in the New York skyline, but Greek architect Ioannis Oikonomou, from the Athens-based architecture firm Oiio Studio, hopes to break a new kind of record with a conceptual design for a structure he is calling The Big Bend, which—if it comes to fruition—be the longest building in the world, as opposed to the tallest. However, the U-shaped building has a proposed length of 4,000 feet from end to end and a height of 2,000 feet, which would, in fact, make it the tallest building in New York City if it's built. Designed as a response to the city’s zoning laws, the building’s innovative shape provides a work-around for height restrictions.

Oikonomou conceptualized the tall and slender U-shape structure with an exterior made of glass windows and steel. Renderings show The Big Bend nestled between ultra-luxury residential skyscrapers on and around West 57rd Street, just south of Central Park, aka, Billionaire's Row. This project exists as only a rendering for now, but Oikonomou has sent the design to several real estate developers and is seeking investment for the project. In the meantime, check out renderings of The Big Bend below.