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Architecture Spotlight: |Folly Joshua Tree Cabins

Our must-visit-this-summer list just got longer. The Folly Joshua Tree is a two-cabin compound in the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree National Park. Available for rent as a pair for short-term stays on Airbnb (starting at $300 a night, depending on the time of the year), the cabins feature a weathered-steel facade that conceals a modern interior designed by architect Malek Alqadi. Salvaged from an abandoned single-story house built in 1954, the Folly Joshua Tree cabins are entirely solar powered, a result of Alqadi’s fascination with sustainable living. ↓

A ladder fixed to the side of the smaller cabin leads to the lofted bedroom.

The property features a joint open-air deck that connects the cabins, complete with a fire-pit. It also utilizes a gray water system that sanitizes and reroutes lightly used water to the outdoor rain shower and cold plunge pool. The bigger cabin of the two boasts a sleeping loft with a queen-size bed, a kitchen, dining areas, a bathroom, and a large skylight. The smaller cabin—known as the “Stargazing Suite”—features a ladder that leads to a lofted, ceiling-less bedroom for taking in unobstructed views of the night sky. (In the day, it doubles as the perfect spot for sunbathing). There is also a projector for watching movies on the back wall and a bio-ethanol fireplace for cold desert nights (there is even a ceiling cover for those rare Mojave rain showers.) ↓

Although they are meant to be a place to reconnect with nature, the tiny homes do boast modern amenities including WiFi, glass windows with adjustable transparency, and air conditioning—there is even an iPad-controlled, smart-home security system. The environmentally conscious dwelling is a truly unique way to vacation in the wild without sacrificing comfort.

Check out more photos of the unique escape here.

Open-air deck

View from the "Stargazing Suite".