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Architecture Spotlight: Must-Visit Hotels

Architecture Spotlight: Must-Visit Hotels

Summer’s impending arrival has us daydreaming about upcoming vacations. With that in mind, we've come up with the ultimate list of hotels to stay in for a truly out-of-the-box adventure. From private suites in the forest to glass-cabin igloos in the middle of the Iceland wilderness, these three epic hotels are about to be on your must-check-in list.

Located in a remote area of Iceland outside of Reykjavik, the Panorama Glass Lodge is a glass-cabin igloo where you can sleep among floor-to-ceiling windows that offer unforgettable views of the night sky, and—if you’re lucky—the Northern Lights. With its panoramic view and private hot pool, the hotel offers a truly unforgettable (not to mention romantic) outdoors-meets-indoors experience. Public transportation isn't an option for getting there, so rent a four-wheel drive vehicle and make the off-road trek on your own—it will be worth it.

Duluth, Minnesota may not come to mind when you think of must-visit hotels, but the Disappear Retreat is worth booking a ticket to the state of 10,000 lakes. A mirror-covered retreat that seamlessly blends into its forrest surroundings, The Disappear Retreat quite literally disappears, making it the ultimate hideaway. The 83-square-foot retreat was designed to be environmentally friendly, employing solar power to generate all of the building's energy. Additionally, the structure is super insulated in an effort to reduce unwanted heat loss or gain. From the outside, the design disappears into the landscape, while the inside offers stunning sky views thanks to epic all-glass ceilings. Construction is currently underway, and doors are set to open this winter. If you are interested in a testing out the retreat before the official launch date, sign up on their website for a chance to experience an exclusive overnight stay.

(Above) The Vipp Shelter in Sweden. (Right) The Vipp Loft in Denmark.

The Vipp Shelter in Sweden.

Have you ever wanted to be the only guest at a hotel? The Vipp hotels can make that happen. The Vipp shelter in Lake Immeln, Sweden, and Vipp loft in Copenhagen, Denmark, each consist of only one private suite. Since only one reservation can be made at a time, the hotel is sold out as soon as someone books. Both destinations are furnished with custom-designed furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, and—wait for it—a fridge stocked with free Champagne. Sign us up.