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Architecture Spotlight: Biré Bitori

Recently released renderings of Mexico's Biré Bitori redefine the notion of destination dining. The proposed luxury restaurant-bar, designed by Tall Arquitectos, would cantilever over Northwestern Mexico's Copper Canyon, offering unrivaled panoramic views and an adrenaline rush to visitors willing to walk across its glass floor.

The front of Biré Bitori is an imposing stone facade, concealing the mountains and vast canyon beyond its concrete walls. To enter, guests either descend a set of stairs leading to the main dining area or walk through an opening in the walls to the mezzanine level which boasts views of Copper Canyon and the famed Basaseachic Falls from above. The open-air upper level allows visitors to peer into the restaurant and all the way through the glass floor to the canyon 6,000 feet below.

Biré Bitori takes its surroundings into the utmost consideration, using local materials for construction and embedding the structure directly into the landscape, with a concealed matrix of steel beams underneath for structural support. The minimalist design scheme and open-plan interior keep the focus on what makes Biré Bitori so special: its stunning Copper Canyon location. No word yet on when or even if this project will begin construction, but we have our fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out renderings of Biré Bitori courtesy of Tall Arquitectos below.

Entrance to Biré Bitori

Bird's-eye view of Biré Bitori

Main dining level and mezzanine level above