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For the Restless
Los Angeles00:00 PST

AETHERvideo: Basic Training

AETHERfocus is a video series that showcases individuals and companies that inspire us.

Jennifer Pattee founded Basic Training in San Francisco in 2008 with the idea that the only workout worth doing is the one you look forward to. To combat the general malaise associated with getting in shape, Jenn and her team of instructors lead groups of amateur athletes off the beaten path, with scenic trail runs and innovative cross-training routines designed to increase endurance, flexibility, core strength and speed.

Jenn is now taking her vision to the next level with the launch of a free, public, pop-up fitness hub at Proxy in Hayes Valley. This space will incorporate a workout wall, jumping station, and open floor space that will help promote an active lifestyle within the community. To find out more about Jenn and Basic Training, check out her website below.

Shot & Edited by Ryan Pettey
Produced by: AETHER
Music by: Phosphorescent

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