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AETHERmoto: Motorrad Angels in Puerto Rico

AETHERmoto: Motorrad Angels in Puerto Rico

At AETHER our passion for motorcycles runs deep so when we saw the opportunity to sponsor the Motorrad Angels—a nonprofit group of riders traveling the world to bring clean water and medical assistance to communities in need—on a three-week journey in Puerto Rico, we jumped at the chance. Thanks to their use of BMW GS motorcycles, rather than cars or trucks, the Angels are able to more easily access hurricane-affected roads and areas, often enabling them to provide help more quickly than other organizations.

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, the need for basic necessities (food, water, electricity) was immediate. We were contacted by the Angels' Kurt Yaeger, who wanted some AETHER motorcycle gear (Navigator Motorcycle Jacket, Ramble Motorcycle Pant, and AETHER Moto Gloves) for the 75-mile-a-day rides through the country’s cities—including San Juan, Cidra, Comerio, Jayuya, and Utuado—where he helped deliver solar lights and installed safe water filters to thousands in need.

Here, photos from Yaeger and the Motorrad Angels' trip. With chapters in 27 countries, there are tons of opportunities to get involved with this incredible organization. For more information, email or visit their website.

Kurt Yaeger from the Motorrad Angels installing a water filter.

The Mottorad Angels. (Far left:) Yaeger in the Navigator Motorcycle Jacket and Ramble Motorcycle Pant.