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3 AETHER Outfits for 3 Different Cities

3 AETHER Outfits for 3 Different Cities

Here at AETHER, we are obsessed with versatility and functionality in everything we make. We are travel enthusiasts, so we expect the pieces we make to hold their own in whatever climate we put them in, including the three very different cities in which we have stores—Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Given that these locations have tremendously different weather patterns, we curated three outfits inspired by each city to demonstrate how to incorporate AETHER into your every day, no matter where you are.

San Francisco

Trace Vest, Distant Blue, $245

S/S Crew, Jet Black, $40

Track Hoodie, Jet Black, $195

Bike Pant, Jet Black, $195

Cashmere Hat, Charcoal Heather, $95

Lagunitas Pack, Boreas Gear, $140

Los Angeles

Everyday Pant, Discovery Green, $125

City T, White, $65

City Tote, $145

Cashmere Strip Hat, White Heather, $75

W Hooded Cashmere Sweater, Winter White Heather, $395

New York

Loft Jacket, Total Eclipse, $575

Bike Pant, Graphite, $195

Merino Sweater, Jet Black, $295

Cashmere Scarf, Jet Black, $165

Welded Backpack, $135