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Uniform of the Restless

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Los Angeles23:32 PST
Stop-motion animation of water moving under Rain Boot.
Stop-motion animation of water moving under Rain Boot.

Introducing the Women’s Rain Boot.

Gone are the days when a rainstorm meant stomping around in a heavy, unflattering boot. With our new, super-lightweight Women’s Rain Boot, you’ll welcome inclement weather.

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A modern take on a classic rain boot.

Rain boots are often clunky and unsophisticated. We wanted to change that.

Sock bootie halfway removed from Rain Boot

There is a removable sock bootie with a neoprene outer shell, felt sole, and a melange rib-knit lining and cuff.

Back view of Women's Rain Boot
Detail of black and white and multicolor laces

Rain or shine.

Each pair comes with two lace options—one multicolor and the other black and white.

Detail of lace set
Black and white photo of water drops on glass with blurry street light background


Detail of Rain Boot heel with debossed AETHER logo

by design.

Detail of metal eyelets and multicolor laces
Studio photo of the Women's Rain Boot in profile and top view against a wet background

A rainy day will never be the same.

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