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Uniform of the Restless


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Video of Bamford watch sitting on cracked white surface with seconds hand looping
Video of Bamford watch sitting on cracked white surface with seconds hand looping

Introducing AETHER + Bamford GMT, our first-ever timepiece.

In collaboration with Bamford London, the AETHER + Bamford GMT is inspired by travel, adventure, and our mantra: you only get one spin.

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Closeup of Bamford watch face
Closeup of Bamford watch face

Signature, refined style.

The striking AETHER blue detailing offers a distinct elegant contrast, while the custom dial features silver topographic patterns, signifying and celebrating exploration in its design.

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The dial is protected by an anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, making it easy to glance at the time in any condition.

It’s held to your wrist with a comfortable yet durable dark blue NATO strap. The NATO strap is known for its military-grade specifications: light, breathable, and keeps from sliding around on your wrist.

Studio photograph of Bamford watch at an angle with blue tinted light hitting watch face
Man with walkie talkie in hand running on

Wound up.

The AETHER + Bamford GMT is self-winding and powers itself as you move, ensuring that your watch will never run out of energy and will provide the time wherever your journey takes you.

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Two photos next to each other: Motorcyclist checking Bamford watch and man hiking through rocky terrain

Operate in two time zones.

This timepiece is an automatic GMT watch seamlessly displaying two time zones. The GMT functionality is enabled by a 24-hour internal rotating bezel which allows you to track the secondary time zone with a single hand. This makes the AETHER + Bamford GMT ideal for anyone that travels frequently and wants to keep in touch with home.